May 16, 2013
@ 12:11 pm

Mother-Daughter date on Tuesday! Katrine and I went out to explore the Ørestad area of Copenhagen & to admire the Bjarke Ingels architecture. We started our day with getting coffee, danishes, and heart-shaped cake pops (triple bonus!) at the Glass Market. After a short metro ride later, we ventured out on a sunny walk down Vestamager. We saw the Bella Sky Hotel, a fantastic elementary school, the Ørestad public library, Field’s (Denmark’s largest department store), Ingel’s VM Houses and Mountains apartment buildings (in the first picture), Kalvebod Fælled (a ginormous nature reserve), & also Ingel’s 8Tallet apartment building, where we stopped for another coffee at the cafe before heading back home. Lovely day, lovely day!